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How to Draw Stylish Ladies Tutorial Index

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How to Draw Stylish Ladies
A ten hour tutorial covering how to draw women using the amazingly simply vector illustration tools in Adobe Flash.
Module 1 The Basics  
Your instructor will teach you the basics of vector illustration with Flash, which is a very simple approach to drawing, even for non-artists.
Unit 1 Course Assets
Unit 2 How to Draw Stylish Ladies - Introduction
Unit 3 How to Draw Stylish Ladies - Initial Setup
Unit 4 Drawing Basics
Module 2 The Body  
This two and a half hour tutorial focuses on illustrating the body.
Unit 1 Lady Body
Unit 2 Body Workshop
Unit 3 Lady in Gown
Unit 4 Body Silhouettes
Module 3 Hair Styles and Head Turns  
In this 90 minute session, we look at tips to illustrate hair and turn the head.
Unit 1 Hair Styles
Unit 2 Head Turns
Module 4 Expressions, hands, and feet.  
In this 97 minute session, we gather together various “components” of the body to use in our final session.
Unit 1 Expressions
Unit 2 Hands
Unit 3 Feet
Module 5 Final Pieces  
In this three hour session, we draw three final poses, focusing primarily on clothing techniques and shading. Each pose is a separate one hour video.
Unit 1 Modern Girl
Unit 2 Greaser Girl
Unit 3 Modest Girl
How to Draw Stylish Ladies - Video Tutorials

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