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How to Draw Cartoon Animals – Index

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How to Draw Cartoon Animals - Lifetime Access
In this huge video tutorial series you will learn how animator and illustrator, Paris Christou, uses basic shapes to construct dozens of animals! With 82 real-time examples, you’ll experience what it’s like to think and draw as a professional illustrator.
Module 1 Environment #1 – Drawing House Pets  
In this part, your instructor focuses on Cats and Dogs since their features are the basis to understanding the rest of the animals in this series.
Unit 1 Cartoon Animals - Course Assets
Unit 2 Drawing House Pets 1
Unit 3 Drawing House Pets 2
Module 2 Environment #2 – The Farm  
Journey through the farm as you learn to draw animals that either lay eggs, go “oink!” or “moo!”, and lots more.
Unit 1 The Farm
Module 3 Environment #3 – Forest Animals  
As you travel into the Forest, Paris teaches you how to draw characters like the bear, the fox, rabbits and more.
Unit 1 Forest Animals
Module 4 Environment #4 – The Jungle  
Welcome to the jungle baby. Here you will learn to draw lions, tigers, elephants and apes!
Unit 1 The Jungle
Module 5 Environment #5 – Sea Creatures  
Dive into the Ocean to learn how to draw Sea creatures like sharks, dolphins, octopus, sea horses and cuddly fish.
Unit 1 Sea Creatures
Unit 2 Clean up
How to Draw Cartoon Animals Video Tutorials

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