How to Draw a Stylized 2D Mountain in Adobe Animate

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How to Draw a Stylized 2D Mountain in Adobe Animate

Created by: Justin  

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In this Adobe Animate / Flash video tutorial, we’ll illustrate some very simple shapes using the stroke tool, fill it in with color, then make a Movieclip symbol of the initial fragment to make a large mountain range. We’ll use Duplicate Symbol to make unique instances of the original symbol, and distort the vector art within, to make slight changes to the initial mountain fragment. We’ll also use Filters and the gradient tool to make a snowy mountain with a cloud around the peak.  The end result should be a very stylized 2D style mountain range great for a parallax scrolling background element in your app or game

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Category: Illustration  -   Primary Software: Adobe Animate (Flash)  -  
Tags:   adobe animate - background - game art - illustration - retro - vector

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