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Wordpress Hosting
for every Subscriber

Monthly subscribers can now hop onto our super-fast dedicated server for their websites.

Note: This offer is for Monthly recurring subscribers, not Yearly subscribers or Lifetime Members.
Contact us if you are a Lifetime Member and want reduced price hosting.

Ideal for Students / Artists

Many of our students are still using free blogger sites to show off their portfolios or resumes, and CartoonSmart just so happens to pay a TON for a lightning fast dedicated server with one of the biggest hosting companies. So we are adding in this bonus as part of your subscription. You don't need any prior experience with setting up a Wordpress site. We will take care of the entire Wordpress install, then hand the keys over to you.

If you are happy with your current host, keep it. Use this FREE hosting offer for that long gestating side-project that might just need a little kickstart to get off the ground!

✅ Total Setup

We will setup the WP database, instruct you on where to point your domain, install the latest version of Wordpress for you, then let you create the admin account. If you didn't follow all that, don't worry, we'll guide you through every step!

🏃‍♂️ Super Fast

Whether you realize it or not, any economy hosting plan puts you onto a server with hundreds (possibly thousands) of other customers. With our dedicated server, you'll have far less company than other hosting plans, which of course means your site will load faster.

👨‍💼 Admin Access

You are the administrator of your Wordpress site. Not us. What's that mean exactly? Well, keep reading...

👨‍💻 Backups (are on you)

Like most hosting plans, you are responsible for your own backups. We recommend Jetpack's Vaultpress service. It's cheap, incremental, and if you decide to stop using our service one day, Vaultpress can even be used to transfer your entire website to another host. Most importantly, it prevents catastrophic loss with 1-click restorations of your entire site.!

⏳ Updates

As Admin you can decide when to update the Wordpress core or plugins. Updating Wordpress is just a click of a button (though Wordpress also does some essential updates on itself automatically). Point is, it's simple to stay current!

📬 Mail Forwarding

We will setup wildcard forwarding for any mail sent to your domain. What's that exactly? Any email sent to an address that ends in goes to the email of your choice. This is the most reliable way to ensure all mail ends up at your actual email address. Domain based email (email that ends in is notoriously "iffy" when it comes to where it ends up. Why? Let's suppose you send mail to a friend with a gmail address from a domain-based email. Google doesn't recognize the part as coming from a reputable source, so it immediately makes it questionable. Mail is so important to your business, for this reason, we simple don't recommend using a domain-based inbox.

🍺 BYO-Domain

We don't register domains for you and we also don't transfer ownership of your domain to us (that's a good thing for you). You will keep your current registrar (or register a new domain), and point the DNS to the values we give you. Basically this tells your domain where your shiny new host is.

Not registered a domain yet? There are thousands of sites that register domain names (they average around $10 per year, and sites like are super cheap the first year).

⚙️ SFTP and PHP MyAdmin Access

We will give you SFTP and PHP MyAdmin Access on request. If you don't know what that is, then you probably won't need it. If you know you want it, specify so in the setup form.

📁 5 GB of storage

That's a lot for a website, so it should be plenty! Sites like Vimeo or YouTube are perfect for large video uploads, and obviously you can simply use embed code to add them to your site. If you anticipate needing more space, we can guide you through our recommended plugins to

🙊 No Funny Business

If we find out you're engaging in something like spam, racist content, porn, say goodbye to your hosting. You can not use the server for personal backups. We've got no patience for tom-foolery.

💬 Here to help

There's not a lot we haven't seen in our 15 plus years of running CartoonSmart, so if you have questions about hosting, feel free to ask us.

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