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Bio: Do you like music and trivia? Then you will love Heardle, the game that challenges you to guess the song by its intro. Heardle is a website where you can play a daily game of musical guessing. You have to listen to the beginning of a song and try to guess its title and artist in six tries or less. Each time you guess, you get more of the song to help you out. Heardle is inspired by Wordle, the wor

Skills: Heardle is a daily music game that will make you listen to songs in a new way. The game is inspired by Wordle, the popular word guessing game, but with a musical twist. Every day, you get to listen to a new song and try to name it in as few guesses as possible. You can only hear a short clip of the song at first, but you can unlock more of it with each guess. Heardle is a great way to discover new music and challenge your friends.

Software: Heardle is a website that offers a unique musical experience. It is a game where you have to guess the song that is playing based on its intro. You start with only one second of the song, and then you get more seconds with each guess. You have six guesses in total, and the goal is to guess the song as quickly as possible. Heardle is a homage to Wordle, the word guessing game, but with music instead of letters. It is a fun way to test your musical knowledge and find new songs to listen to.

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