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What's new this week? "Wordpress Kung Fu" in the Web Frameworks section

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August and September’s Game Art…

What’s New..

Blender in 3 Minutes

A crash course in Blender? Is that even possible?! We’re going to find out. While teaching our new SceneKit and ARKit series, we realized custom-modeled 3D elements are going to be essential to bring into our augmented reality games. So we’re turning to the free Blender program to save the day. This course is designed specifically for game developers to quickly begin modeling and texturing then export to the format that best suits their needs. 

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Going from creating iOS apps to Android apps via Adobe Animate

So some of you might have noticed I took my annual journey into obscurity early this year. Usually I wait till after WWDC to go full immersion into whatever new stuff is being thrown at us devs. Which is a hard time to educate, because I, for one, am learning and usually a bit unsure of what exactly I’m doing…

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Wordpress Kung Fu Video tutorials 2018

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WordPress Video Tutorials for Beginners!

Is it finally time to make your own website? We’re big fans of WordPress here at CartoonSmart, so we’re back teaching how to use it again. This go-around we’ll step you through the basics, then move onto working with a premium theme (of OUR choice), then get analytical with a section of Facebook advertising / retargeting. This course is in production now, but we’re gonna run through it quick! 

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Multi Language support for Xcode project Story Book App

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Community Question Answered!

We had a great question in the community forum about how to support multiple languages in the Story Tellers Kit, and after a probably-too-long text answer, I decided it would be best to just flip on the mic and talk through the process as it’s actually kind of fun in a geeky way!

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Upsell Footer add to Sticker Pack for iMessage

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Create a Network of Sticker Pack Apps…

We’ve just added a new version of our popular iMessage Sticker Kit which now allows you to add an up-sell footer below your stickers. Those image links can go to any of your other apps in the store! 

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How to make an animate video header for their Facebook Page

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A little video goes a long way…

If you have a Facebook Page for your business you might want to consider adding a video header. Take a look at the one we added, with this little behind the scenes video. It’s more informational than an actual tutorial, but it shows how useful a program like Adobe Animate can be for short video projects.

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You made a great app, but now what?

In this free video, we’ll look at the difference between Advanced and Basic Search Ad options in the App Store. This is a must-watch for any Apple Developer.

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Februarys Royalty Free Game Art

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Newly Revamped Yearly Subscriber Area!

Annnnnnd February’s game art bonuses. Watch a video preview and see what’s changed in the Yearly Game Art Temple. Yeah, its a temple now. Why not!?

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How to Draw a Comic Book Style Spaceship!

Or, ahem, let’s be real: a Star-Warsy spaceship. We’ll start with some around-the-house inspiration, and work from there. Check it out. You’ll see what we mean…

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Technical Illustrations in Adobe Animate

New two-part drawing series using everyone’s last-thought-of-software for technical illustrations: Adobe Animate! Check it out, you’ll be surprised what’s possible…. 

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How to Draw Magical Flames

What can possibly go wrong drawing fire? Find out in this short, practice session using Procreate (any drawing software should work).

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Bonus Art this Month! 

Good news everybody! We’ve just signed up another game artist to regularly provide our subscribers with even more monthly art. Woot, woot! Our collection just grows and grows! Stay tuned for more last minute bonuses. 

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ARKit & SceneKit for Beginners

Another New Year’s Resolution! It’s time to learn SceneKit here at CartoonSmart. Dip your toes into this exciting 3D framework and learn right along with us in this beginner’s series.

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Back to Basics for the New Year!

A brand new, 9 part series of short videos to brush up on your Adobe Animate skills. Or if you’ve never used this amazing software before, these are the perfect videos to go from zero to hero! 

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Asteroids with Swift and Sprite Kit video tutorials

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Programming Asteroids

The first in a series of Xcode video tutorials where we’ll use Sprite Kit and Swift to program and Asteroids game.

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Swift Refreshers!

A series of free, short (5-8 minute) courses covering the basics of Swift. Great for new learners, or anyone looking to jump back into development

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New Course – Unity C# Editor Scripting

This course takes you through everything you need to know to get started on implementing Unity scripting in to your workflow and create amazing Unity Store products.

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Prototyping Double Dragon

Our Prototyping series continues. This time around we’ll pick on Double Dragon, the classic beat-em up side scroller

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iOS and tvOS Starter Kits for Yearly Subscribers – Updated for Swift 4

 The RPG iOS Kit – NEW!

Role Playing Games Xcode Template for iOS and Swift 3

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 In-App Purchased Enabled Sticker Kit

iMessage Sticker Kit advertisement for In-App Purchases 2

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Story Tellers Kit 2

Story Tellers iOS and tvOS Kit

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The Pinball Games Kit

Pinball Games Starter Kit iOS and tvOS

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The Platform Games Kit

Platform Games iOS and tvOS Starter Kit

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The Empty iOS and tvOS Starter Kit

Empty iOS and tvOS Starter Kit Sales

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Brand New Video Guides for the Platform Games Kit!

Unity Tutorials!

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iOS and tvOS Tutorials

Most Swift-based projects have been updated to Swift 4 (the rest should up-convert seamlessly with Xcode 9)

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Web Frameworks

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2D Art Tutorials

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Animation Tutorials

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3D Art Tutorials

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Construct 2 Tutorials

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Actionscript 3 Tutorials

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Student Requested Videos

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