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Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit – Lifetime Licenses

Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit – Lifetime Licenses
December 15, 2014 Justin

Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit

Take your first step into a the wondrous world of iOS development. The Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit is a fully open, customizable kit, with over 300 pages of glorious iBook documentation, and hours upon hours of video documentation. Your purchase includes 3 demo projects: one a “bare bones” copy with very few resources added (mostly just a character and platforms), a demo version with a side scrolling world and a top-down RPG style world, and buyers now get the Meta Platformer app, which is available to play in the App Store (soon to be enabled with iOS game controller, iCade, OUYA controls).

Because the kit is entirely property-list driven, we doubt you’ll ever need to alter the source code yourself, but it is available to you the instant you download. With that said, all sales are final on the kit. There are no trial licenses to decide if you like it after you’ve downloaded it. All the documentation is free to view ahead of your purchase, so get to know everything about the kit before your purchase. Read the iBook. Watch videos. Play the free Meta Platformer app to get a feel for some of the control options. And remember, the demo is just one example. You can create thousands of different style games (this isn’t a reskin template)! The sky’s the limit.

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