CSS3 Basics – Index

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CSS3 Basics

In this series, you will learn the best new features of CSS3. Our instructor will be using Dreamweaver, but you can work through the course using any text editor and test in the web browser of your choice. After a comprehensive look at what CSS3 offers, our instructor wraps up the final couple hours by building an example website which demonstrates how CSS3 can be used across multiple devices (desktops or mobile phones). You'll learn how to support older browsers as well as new, so you progressively enhance your site.

Created by: Lawrence Turton

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Section 1

Introduction to CSS3

Topics include: Introduction to CSS3, IE Conditional comments, CSS3 New Color Formats.

Course Assets

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CSS3 Basics Tutorial – Session 1

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Section 2

Text, Backgrounds, Various Properties

Topics include: @Font-face, CSS3 border properties, CSS3 Background properties, CSS3 text effects, CSS3 Multiple Columns, CSS3 2D Transformations

CSS3 Basics Tutorial – Session 2

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Section 3

Animations, 3D Transformations, Flexible Modals and more

Topics include: CSS3 3D Transformations, CSS3 Animations, CSS3 User Interface, CSS3 Flexible Box Model, CSS3 Selectors

CSS3 Basics Tutorial – Session 3

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Section 4

Building an Example Site

Topics include: CSS3 Media Queries and Building an Example Site

CSS3 Basics Tutorial – Session 4

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Category: Web Programming  -   Primary Software: Any good old fashioned text editor  -  
Tags:   css - basic css - web development - web programming - style

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