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CartoonSmart Classics – Pro Illustration Collection – Subscriber Access

CartoonSmart Classics - The Professional Illustration Collection
This collection includes five more lessons from yesteryear, but all still relevant to the latest version of Adobe Flash. This bundle teaches logo design, shading, industrial design, interface design, and how to draw realistic faces.
Module 1 Course Assets  
You can download all the course assets / projects here.
Unit 1 Download-able Videos
Unit 2 Course Assets
Module 2 Realistic Shading (2.5 hrs)  
Learn professional shading techniques using Adobe Flash. Watch the videos and practice along using the included (but unshaded) vector art.
Unit 1 Realistic Shading - Part 1
Unit 2 Realistic Shading - Part 2
Module 3 Logo Design (3.5 hrs)  
Although this Logo Design course teaches plenty of illustration techniques in Flash, its primary goal is to inspire you with quick examples of many approaches you can try in the early design stages of a logo. Freelances artists are commonly asked to design or redesign logos for clients, and one single version is rarely enough. You'll be asked to create dozens of examples, and after taking this course you'll be better prepared to give a client exactly what they want. And keep in mind, corporate "identity" and brand recognition both rely heavily on an effective logo, so be sure to charge a client well for your design talents!
Unit 1 Logo Design - Part 1
Unit 2 Logo Design - Part 2
Unit 3 Logo Design - Part 3
Module 4 Industrial Design (2.5 hrs)  
This intermediate-level Flash illustration course focuses on realistic design, while creating a mobile device and compass.
Unit 1 Industrial Design - Part 1
Unit 2 Industrial Design - Part 2
Module 5 Realistic Face Illustration Tutorial (3 hrs)  
This tutorial teaches how to draw realistic faces in Adobe Flash.
Unit 1 Illustrating Realistic Faces Tutorial Part 1
Unit 2 Illustrating Realistic Faces Tutorial Part 2
Unit 3 Illustrating Realistic Faces Tutorial Part 3
Module 6 Interface Design (7 hrs)  
This lengthy tutorial series teaches how to create general user interfaces, buttons, icons, options screens and more. The last hour teaches basic setup and coding for possible buttons or interactivity within the interfaces: mostly simple buttons and rollover events to trigger animation.
Unit 1 Interface Design - Part 1
Unit 2 Interface Design - Part 2
Unit 3 Interface Design - Part 3
Unit 4 Interface Design - Part 4
Unit 5 Interface Design - Part 5



Classic CartoonSmart Professional Illustration Tutorials

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