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Card and Board Games Tutorials for iOS and tvOS - Subscription Access
Learn how to program Swift and Sprite Kit based card games and board games.
Module 1 Initial Setup and Card Data  
In this section we'll be setting up the project and giving the game scene some card data.
Unit 1 Initial Project Setup
Unit 2 Prototyping a Deck of Cards with the Property List
Unit 3 Creating an Array of each Card's Dictionary
Unit 4 Drawing a Card and Adding to the Used Card Deck
Unit 5 Creating the Card Class and using an SKReferenceNode to Hold the Card Data
Unit 6 Showing the Amount and Name on the Card and Discussing Round Order and Rules
Unit 7 Establishing a Round Order (an array of events to framework gameplay)
Unit 8 Evaluating a Winner Based on the Values of Cards
Unit 9 Card and Boards Games Project Files - End of Session 1
Module 2 Making the Game Engine  
In this session, we'll really begin to connect together the Property List with an Event based system for determining what does what.
Unit 1 Card and Board Games Tutorial - Introduction to Session 2
Unit 2 Storing Event Dictionaries for the Main Turn Order and Before / After Rounds
Unit 3 Creating an SKAction Array Sequence for Turn Events
Unit 4 Drawing Cards from Specific Decks
Unit 5 Dealing Hands with a Move Action
Unit 6 Adding Events Before and After the Round
Unit 7 Card and Boards Games Project Files - End of Session 2
Module 3 Continuing to Build the Card Game Engine  
This session we will continue making a card game engine by adding more options / properties, and specifically functions to score based on card combinations (like if the player has 4 Aces, 3 queens, etc)
Unit 1 Parsing the Property List for Rules and Settings
Unit 2 Matching Combinations of Cards Part 1
Unit 3 Matching Combinations of Cards Part 2
Unit 4 Hiding and Moving Offscreen Hands of Non-Playing Players
Unit 5 Card and Boards Games Project Files - Middle of Session 3
Unit 6 Adding Property List Driven Images to the Card Class
Unit 7 New Properties and Other Odds and Ends
Unit 8 Allowing for Multiple Combos (like 3 of a Kind plus 2 of a Kind)
Unit 9 Scoring and Showing Which Combinations Matched
Unit 10 Card and Boards Games Project Files - End of Session 3
Module 4 Cameras, More Players, and More Code!  
This section continues the fun, by adding up to 8 players, a camera with GUI that moves between hands, and plenty more.
Unit 1 Moving a Camera Between Hands
Unit 2 More Operational Functions to Accomadate Adding More Players
Unit 3 Evaluating Scores for Up to 8 Players
Unit 4 Tweaking More Code for 8 Players
Unit 5 Fine-Tuning the Combination Code
Unit 6 Repeating Events in the Turn Order
Unit 7 Creating GUI to Accept or Decline Prompts to the User
Unit 8 Coding the Accept or Decline Buttons and Transitioning in and out the GUI
Unit 9 Card and Boards Games Project Files - End of Session 4
Module 5 Starting with a Home Menu, Adding Buttons and Setting up External Controllers  
The title says it all! We'll spend this session switching the app to begin with a home menu, adding menu buttons (and a Button class) then working with External Controllers for iOS or tvOS.
Unit 1 Switching the App to Begin with a Home Menu instead of the Game Scene
Unit 2 Creating a Button Class to Change Number of Players and Load the Game
Unit 3 Loading the Main Game or Another Menu
Unit 4 Setting up a Selection Order for Buttons
Unit 5 Swiping to Select Buttons - Also used for the External Game Controllers
Unit 6 Adding External Game Controller Support
Unit 7 Playing Sounds, Buttons that go to URLS, and More
Unit 8 Card and Boards Games Project Files - End of Session 5
Module 6 Session 6 - Card wrap up  
In this session we'll begin wrapping up the card gameplay
Unit 1 Session 6 Introduction
Unit 2 Card and Boards Games Project Files - Beginning of Session 6
Unit 3 Differences Between the End of Session 5 and Beginning of 6
Unit 4 Setting Label Text When a Card is Drawn or from an Event
Unit 5 Pinch Gestures to Zoom Out and Double Tap Gestures to Reset Zoom on iOS
Unit 6 Adding Enums for PlayMode and UseCardMode
Unit 7 Prompting the Player to Use Cards
Unit 8 Odds and Ends Catch Up
Unit 9 Adding or Subtracting Player Currency when a Card is Drawn or Used
Unit 10 Duplicating Cards in the Deck
Unit 11 Card and Boards Games Project Files - Session 6



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