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Big Gunner Guy

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Big Gunner Guy

  • Royalty free game art

Royalty free game art - gif previewRoyalty free game art - gif previewRoyalty free game art - gif preview

Big gunner guy is a set of 2D character sprite for game. This charcater is perfect for hero or enemy in your 2D side scrolling shooter games. This pack also includes some of additional 2d graphic assets such as ammo, chest, grenade, key, stone, and vest icon for your game development purpose, and the most importantly this character sprite has 64 cool animations.


  • Climb Down
  • Climb Up
  • Dying
  • Dying Firearm
  • Dying Handgun
  • Falling Down
  • Falling Down Firearm
  • Falling Down Handgun
  • Firearm Effect
  • Firing Firearm
  • Firing Handgun
  • Firing in The Air Firearm
  • Firing in The Air Handgun
  • Handgun Effect
  • Hanging
  • Hanging Firearm
  • Hanging Handgun
  • Hurt
  • Hurt Firearm
  • Hurt Handgun
  • Idle
  • Idle Blinking
  • Idle Blinking Firearm
  • Idle Blinking Handgun
  • Idle Firearm
  • Idle Handgun
  • Idle Standby
  • Jump Loop
  • Jump Loop Firearm
  • Jump Loop Handgun
  • Jump Start
  • Jump Start Firearm
  • Jump Start Handgun
  • Kicking
  • Kicking 02
  • Kicking Firearm
  • Kicking Handgun
  • Melee Attack
  • Melee Attack Firearm
  • Melee Attack Handgun
  • Melee Attack in The Air
  • Melee Attack in The Air Firearm
  • Melee Attack in The Air Handgun
  • Punching
  • Run Aiming Firearm
  • Run Aiming Handgun
  • Run Throwing
  • Run Throwing Firearm
  • Run Throwing Handgun
  • Running
  • Running Firearm
  • Running Handgun
  • Sliding
  • Sliding Firearm
  • Sliding Handgun
  • Throwing
  • Throwing Firearm
  • Throwing Handgun
  • Throwing in The Air
  • Throwing in The Air Firearm
  • Throwing in The Air Handgun
  • Walking
  • Walking Firearm
  • Walking Handgun


  • 100% vector
  • Customizable vector part
  • Customizeable animation with brashmonkey spriter.
  • Unity ready

More info

Minimum Adobe CS Version to open the .AI file (CS5). Use the “Brashmonkey Spriter” to open the .SCML animation file. Download the spriter software here To make the character animation works well in Unity, it requires Spriter2UnityDX tool.

By: Asa

📂   File Formats:
AI | EPS | PNG | Spriter | Unity Package

🏃‍♂️   Animation Sequences:
See description

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Art Type: Game Art  -   Art Category: Characters - Side Scroller  -   Sub Category: Military  -   Sub Category 2: Good Guys  -  
Tags:   adventure - enemy - gunner - military - side scrolling - spriter2unity

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