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ARKit and SceneKit Video Tutorials

Learn Augmented Reality with Xcode 9 and Swift 4

ARKit and SceneKit - Subscriber Access
Learn this exciting new 3D framework with Xcode's new augmented reality framework!
Module 1 Getting Started with ARKit and SceneKit  
Learn right along with us, as we explore ARKit and SceneKit!
Unit 1 SceneKit and ARKit - Part 1 - Getting Started
Unit 2 SceneKit and ARKit - Part 2 - Hit Testing
Unit 3 SceneKit and ARKit - Part 3 - Adding Nodes at Runtime
Unit 4 SceneKit and ARKit - Part 4 - Handling Multiple Scene (or DAE) Files
Unit 5 SceneKit and ARKit - Part 5 - How to Subclass SCNNode
Unit 6 SceneKit and ARKit - Part 6 - Detecting Physics Collisions
Unit 7 SceneKit and ARKit - Part 7 - Adding the Scene on a Particular Plane

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