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Bio: Hello I'm Luis Zuno aka Ansimuz. I'm a Pixel Artist & Game Designer. I'm also the guy that developed Elliot Quest.

Skills: Illustration, Game Design, Game Artist, Character Animation, Character Design, 2D Animation, Animation (any), Pixel Art,

For Hire Status: Not here to find work

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GothicVania Mountains

Sunny Land Winter Woods

Gothicvania Cemetery

GothicVania Church Pack

GothicVania Spider Nest

GothicVania Interiors

Tiny Top Down RPG Dungeon

Warped Lava

Quiet Hill Forest Pack

GothicVania Pixel Art Game Pack

Ninja Scroller - Level Art and Characters

Pixel Style Medieval Level Art

Cave Battle Background

Pink Sunset Battle Background

Pixel Art Food Icons Set

Sunny Hills Battle Background

Day Light Forest Battle Background

Mystery Forest Pixel Art Background

Day Light Forest Pixel Art Background

Magic Castle Pixel Art Environment


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Follow Your Dream!


Tips for Cameras in 2D Games


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