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Android Studio – Video Tutorials

Learn the in’s and out’s of Android Studio with professional developer, Ersin Ertan

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CartoonSmart is now sporting two delivery methods for your training. You can stream the videos to your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone OR use our original delivery method: zip files containing the course videos and assets. Either way you’ve got the same great HD video CartoonSmart is known for. Before YouTube was even started, we’ve been offering HD quality screencasts!

About Android Studio

Find out about the software used...

Android Studio is the official IDE for Android application development.  Based on JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA software,  Studio is designed specifically for Android development. The functions and tools in Studio are tailored for Android developers, to better your apps and workflow by providing necessities in a clean layout and well organized manner.

Android Studio is available for download on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Version 1 was released in December 2014, so this is truly a cutting edge new way of developing Android apps, from Google themselves.


Taught by Ersin

Learn about your instructor...

Ersin Ertan is a freelance Android Developer and hobbyist involved in all parts of the Android ecosystem. His educational background is with the Art Institute of Vancouver: Visual and Game Programming and from there after, autodidactic. Ersin’s believes the best way to learn is through practical application with a healthy dose of theory mixed in.

Welcome to Android Studio – Productive App Development!

This course will go over the fundamentals of the IDEA and the core concepts of Gradle (the build automation tool), which makes up Android Studio. Focusing and fluency, edited video and content first, you will not be watching loading bars, but rather be engaged in the material, ready to do more.

Developers will learn to use the internal features like:

  • Studio Navigation
  • Project Hierarchy
  • Version Control Integration
  • Gradle Build Automation with Build Types, Flavors and Variants
  • Library/Jar Importing
  • App Signing and Packaging
  • Productivity Tips
  • Layout Editor
  • Profiling with Android Debug Monitor
  • Emulator Setup
  • SDK Manager
  • IDEA Shortcuts
welcome to android studio tutorial

Enjoy 20+ concise, sharp, guided and up-to-date videos that will fast track your learning in Android Studio. The course is meant to be worked within a few days, and can even be done in one day if you have the time.Lessons flow from the previous, building upon concepts to explain how the various mechanics fit into the greater whole.

By the end, you will be familiar with the Android Studio, services and features that Google offers through the studio (like project activity templates) and Gradle, the build automation tool for handling project configuration, build types, build flavors, and build variants for app production and distribution.



Session Descriptions…

Android Studio Tutorials Screenshot 1

The Environment and Settings

  • Course Overview and Goals
  • Install, Configuring Android Studio with the SDK and Java, Update SDK Manager
  • Creating a Virtual Device
  • Configuring the Version Control System with Github
  • Getting the most from our Settings

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Android Studio Tutorials Screenshot 2

Familiarity with the Environment

  • Project File Hierarchy
  • Layout Design and Text
  • Drag and Drop UI Explained
  • Template Activity Projects
Android Studio Tutorials Screenshot 3

Working with Other Projects and Libraries

  • Importing Projects to Android Studio from Eclipse
  • Importing Projects and Adding Libraries

Build Automation with Gradle; Proguard

  • Product Flavours
  • Build Types and Build Variants
    Project APK Packaging/Signing and Proguard Code Obfuscation
Android Studio Tutorials Screenshot 5

Logging, Optimization and Android Device Monitor

  • Logging Messages
  • Profiling Methods with Java and TraceView
Android Studio Tutorials Screenshot 6

Keyboard Shortcuts and Productivity Practices

  • Keyboard Shortcuts for Productivity
  • Templates and Live Coding
  • Course Wrap Up
Android Studio Tutorials

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