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Android Studio Video Tutorial Index

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Introduction to Android Studio – Production App Development - Lifetime Access
This course will go over the fundamentals of the IDEA and the core concepts of Gradle (the build automation tool), which makes up Android Studio. Focusing and fluency, edited video and content first, you will not be watching loading bars, but rather be engaged in the material, ready to do more.
Module 1 The Environment and Settings  
Six lessons.
Unit 1 Course Overview and Goals
Unit 2 Setup Overview
Unit 3 Install, Configuring Android Studio
Unit 4 Creating a Virtual Device
Unit 5 Configuring the Version Control System with Github
Unit 6 Getting the most from our Settings
Module 2 Familiarity with the Environment  
Five lessons.
Unit 1 Environment Section Overview
Unit 2 Project File Hierarchy
Unit 3 Layout Design and Text
Unit 4 Drag and Drop UI Explained
Unit 5 Template Activity Projects
Module 3 Working with Other Projects and Libraries  
Three lessons.
Unit 1 Section Overview Projects and Libraries
Unit 2 Importing Projects to Android Studio from Eclipse
Unit 3 Importing Projects and Adding Libraries
Module 4 Build Automation with Gradle; Proguard  
Four lessons
Unit 1 Section Overview Gradle
Unit 2 Product Flavours
Unit 3 Build Types and Build Variants Project
Unit 4 APK Packaging Signing and Proguard Code Obfuscation
Module 5 Logging, Optimization and Android Device Monitor  
Three lessons.
Unit 1 Section Overview Android Device Monitor
Unit 2 Logging Messages
Unit 3 Profiling Methods with Java and TraceView
Module 6 Keyboard Shortcuts and Productivity Practices  
Three lessons.
Unit 1 Keyboard Shortcuts for Productivity
Unit 2 Templates and Live Coding
Unit 3 Course Wrap Up

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