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Anatomy for Illustrators

Taught by Conan Sinclair

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Sketchbook Pro Tutorial

Find out about the software used...

Your instructor uses Manga Studio, but you can choose any illustration software you own. If you choose to use a sketching program for the iPad, two recommended apps are Sketchbook Pro for iPad and Art Studio for the iPad.

Learn more about your instructor...

Conan Sinclair is a professional animator and illustrator, and one-half of the team at SIN ARS STUDIOS, a small independent game development studio located in Victoria, Australia. For freelance inquiries, you can contact Conan through his website,

Five hours of anatomy tutorials for illustrators…

Our incredible traditional & 3D animation instructor, Conan Sinclair, dives into teaching human anatomy in this brand new five hour course. The series is broken into two halves: drawing the human head, then drawing the human body. Highlights of the course include:

  • The skull
  • Aligning facial features
  • Drawing individual parts of the face
  • Practicing drawing various heads / hair
  • Drawing the skeleton / breaking the body down to primitives
  • How to draw every part of the human body
  • Muscles studies for the chest / arms / legs and more
  • Gestures drawings and action poses
  • Much, much more.
Human Anatomy for Illustrators Video Tutorials

Anatomy for Illustrators

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