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Affiliate Program

Recurring Commissions

Old fashioned, “plain” affiliate programs pay you only for the first sale. Our affiliate program pays you recurring commissions, rewarding you for as long as the customer is subscribed. Which makes this an easy way to earn residual income by simply linking to our site.

Easy Tweezy

We make it incredibly simple to generate links with your affiliate ID attached, and most importantly, share them on social networks right from our affiliate portal (see how in the video below). Your followers and friends will appreciate our unique content, and you could generate recurring income. It’s win-win.

Paypal Payments

We pay through Paypal at the beginning of the month so you can get your earnings as quick and easy as possible. Plus you can track how much you’ve earned, how much is awaiting payment, and even how your referral URLs have done over time.

Watch how easy it is to generate and share links (in only 20 seconds!)….

As an affiliate you can earn money by simply sharing links to product pages or articles on our site.  You earn a commission when someone who follows your link buys anything (not just a product you linked to). If they purchase a subscription, you earn money every month they are subscribed!  So how do affiliate links get created? You can watch the video above or read how below… 

  1. Copy any link and use it to generate a custom URL with your ID. For example,   would look like with an affiliate ID attached to the end. Hardly noticeable right.
  2. Paste that link anywhere. Tweet it. Post it on Facebook. Mention us on your blog. Wherever. You can even share your link straight to social media outlets right from our site.


Track Visits

Love stats? Our affiliate portal makes tracking who came from where a snap. And you’ll be able to see which links have converted visitors to actual buyers. So you’ll know if some links are worth re-tweeting or sharing again and again.


Our affiliate portal includes graph-based analysis so you can easily see how much is paid, pending, and unpaid. Affiliates can have a huge impact on sales, on we want you to always been in-the-know when it comes to payments.


Want to go beyond social media links? We offer plenty of Creatives to use as image ads on your site or blog. If you have available space on your site or unused ad spots, consider filling those areas yourself with images linking to this amazing opportunity.

More Features….

We reward our top affiliates…

Affiliates that go the extra mile to help us find customers and subscribers are rewarded in kind with tiered commission rates. For example, if you send us 20 customers, we’ll bump your commission rate up to 25%, and so on….

  • Base referral rate = 20% commission

  • 20 referrals = 25% commission

  • 50 referrals = 30% commission

  • 100 referrals = 35% commission

  • 200 referrals = 45%  commission

  • Or earn a 50% commission right off the bat, if you represent an established site with traffic you think will really take a liking to what we’ve got going on here. Email us, if you think you qualify!

Chart your success…

Track current and past month’s commissions easily with chart-based stats.

Optional Notifications…

Receive notifications on your iOS or Android device with the Pushover notifications app!

Ready to sign up?….

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Know what an affiliate program is? You make money just by sharing links to our site! Win. Win.

Earn when you refer any buyer here! 30 day tracking. Commissions are 33%-50% and recur on subscription products!