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How to Make iOS Stickers Packs for Non-Programmers - Part 2

Using the Sticker Pack Project Template in Xcode

Using the Sticker Pack Project Template in Xcode

In this video tutorial, we’ll discuss where to get Xcode (the Mac-only development software you’ll need to make Sticker Pack apps). You’ll then see how to start a new Sticker Pack project (File > New > Project > Sticker Pack Application). We’ll talk a bit about the app’s Product Name, Team, Organization Name, Bundle Identifier, Display Name and some of the other Target Settings. We’ll move on to discuss the App Icon settings and finally how to drop in your actual sticker images. You can use single frames or sequences of frames for an animated sticker. We’ll look at the Sticker Sequence settings including Repetitions, Timing, Frames Per Second and Size. Finally we’ll talk about Archiving and Submitting your Sticker Pack App to Apple.

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