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Toon Boom Animate Video Tutorial Bundle – Index

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Toon Boom Animate Video Tutorial Bundle - Lifetime Access
21 hours of Toon Boom Animate tutorials plus Bonus Character Packs
Module 1 Character Design and Rigging Tutorials  
This Toon Boom Animate course focuses primarily on character design and rigging your character for animation.
Unit 1 Character Design Course Assets
Unit 2 Character Design and Rigging Tutorials - Introduction
Unit 3 Working with Basic Shapes
Unit 4 Creating Body Shapes
Unit 5 Drawing the Facial Features
Unit 6 Designing the Head
Unit 7 Drawing the Hands and Feet
Unit 8 Building a Character
Unit 9 Turnarounds
Unit 10 Inking and Coloring
Unit 11 Breaking Apart the Character
Unit 12 Articulations and Cleaning Up
Unit 13 Basic Rigging
Unit 14 Patch Articulations and Saving to Library
Unit 15 Introduction to IK and Substitution Drawings
Unit 16 Bonus Lesson on Drawing Props
Module 2 Lip Syncing Techniques in Toon Boom Animate  
This 90 minute course is split into two parts and teaches various techniques for ‘cut out animation’ style lip syncing.
Unit 1 Lip Syncing Course Assets
Unit 2 Lip Syncing Part 1
Unit 3 Toon Boom Animate Tutorial - Lip Syncing 2
Module 3 Walk and Run Cycles Tutorial  
This 90 minute lesson teaches various techniques for animating walk or run cycles in Toon Boom Animate.
Unit 1 Walk and Run Cycle Assets
Unit 2 How to Animate a Side View Walk Cycle
Unit 3 How to Animate a Front Three-Quarter View Cycle
Unit 4 How to Animate Side View Run Cycle
Module 4 Four Leg Walk Cycles Tutorial  
This one hour Toon Boom Animate tutorial demonstrates how to animate a quadroped walk cycle.
Unit 1 Four Leg Walk Assets
Unit 2 Animating an Elephant
Module 5 Animation Exercises  
This four hour, three-part series was designed to setup a challenge animation exercise, then demonstrate how to solve it in Toon Boom Animate.
Unit 1 Animation Exercises Assets
Unit 2 Combat Moves
Unit 3 Jumping Exercise
Unit 4 Walk and Talk Part 1
Unit 5 Walk and Talk Part 2
Module 6 Stick Men Animations  
This course is broken down into separate parts for designing and rigging the basic stick man, walking and running, inverse kinematics, animating a fight scene, and finally adding sounds.
Unit 1 Stick Men Assets
Unit 2 Animate Pro Users Only
Unit 3 Stick Men Animations Part 1
Unit 4 Stick Men Animation 2
Unit 5 Stick Men Animation 3
Unit 6 Stick Men Animation 4
Unit 7 Stick Men Animation 5
Unit 8 Stick Men Animation 6
Module 7 Extras  
Two extra courses.
Unit 1 3D Box Project using Animate Pro
Unit 2 Drawing Substitutions


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