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The Artist’s Guide to Making an Apple Watch – Subscriber Access

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The Artist's Guide to Apple Watch Apps - Subscription Access
This 5+ hour course is for artists that want to make an Apple Watch with little or no prior App development experience. By the end of this course, viewers will have created both art assets and an Xcode template to build an unlimited number of Apple Watches. Each watch can tell the time, day of the week, month and day in any style you want! Plus you can include animated images in the foreground or background of your time elements.
Module 1 Xcode Template and Adobe Flash Clock Template  
Below you can download the finished Xcode Template, which you can use to create countless Apple Watch apps, plus you can download the clock template in Adobe Flash for creating art assets to import into the Xcode project.
Unit 1 Notes
Unit 2 Xcode Template and Adobe Flash Clock Template
Module 2 Creating the Art in Flash  
In this first series of videos we will be working in Adobe Flash to create assets we can export and import into Xcode later. You will learn plenty of tricks to making an accurate clock face, as well as learn how to animate looping elements (like watch gears). We will also discuss the particularities of displaying our art assets in Xcode.
Unit 1 Introduction to Adobe Flash
Unit 2 How Elements are Arranged on the Watch
Unit 3 Drawing Precise Vector-Based Minute Markers
Unit 4 Adding Hour Markers
Unit 5 Drawing the Hour Hand
Unit 6 Adding and Animating the Second and Minute
Unit 7 Adding the Month, Day, Weekday and Adjusting Multiple Frames
Unit 8 Animating Gears and Changing Fonts Across Multiple Frames
Unit 9 Finishing Touches and Exporting
Unit 10 Exporting at 144 or 72?
Unit 11 Copying Assets into Xcode and Wrap Up
Module 3 Creating the Apple Watch in Xcode  
In this series of videos we will begin with the assets imported to Xcode and make a complete Apple Watch app from start to finish (the companion iPhone app will be created in the next section). If you've never used Xcode before, the course will discuss some of the fundamentals to get you on par with past users.
Unit 1 Xcode Introduction
Unit 2 Installing Xcode
Unit 3 Watch App Initial Setup
Unit 4 Renaming the Bundle ID
Unit 5 Testing on the Simulator
Unit 6 Managing Your Layout / Workspace
Unit 7 Layout Basics
Unit 8 Adding Groups with Background Images to the Storyboard
Unit 9 Connecting Outlets from the Swift File
Unit 10 Getting the Time
Unit 11 Setting the Hour, Minute, and Second Hand Images
Unit 12 Setting the Month and Day Images
Unit 13 Getting the Day of the Week
Unit 14 Deactivate the Timer
Module 4 Creating the Companion App for the iPhone  
Apple Watch apps are actually extensions of a companion iPhone app, so in these videos we will use the same assets as before and make a working clock app for the iPhone. We will then create buttons which will let users customize the look of the Apple Watch and save their preferences. So changes we make to the iPhone app, will be saved on the Apple Watch app.
Unit 1 Using Auto Layout in the iPhone App
Unit 2 Animating the UIImageView
Unit 3 Reusing our Time Code
Unit 4 Setting up the Segmented Buttons
Unit 5 Changing Faces
Unit 6 AppGroups and NSUserDefaults to Communicate Between Devices
Unit 7 Wrapping Up the iPhone App
Module 5 Submitting the App to Apple  
In this one video, we will discuss provisioning your app, creating the listing in iTunes Connect, and everything else related to submitting Apple your finished app right from within Xcode.
Unit 1 Duplicating the Template and Preparing for Submission to Apple
Module 6 Adding More to the Xcode Template  
In these videos we will discuss adding audio to the Apple Watch app, using custom fonts with labels (which can be any font you want), paging through multiple screens on the watch, and programmably opening interface controllers when the app launches. None of these modifications are required, but could be useful in your many projects to come.
Unit 1 Adding Audio
Unit 2 Using Labels to Show Time and Adding Custom Fonts
Unit 3 Paging to Different Screens on the Watch
Unit 4 Programmably Opening Other Interface Controllers on the Watch
Unit 5 Conclusion
Unit 6 Tips for Submitting an Apple Watch App
Apple Watch Video Tutorials Box

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