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Swift and Sprite Kit Control Systems – Lifetime Access

Swift and Sprite Kit Control Systems - Lifetime Access
In this series of videos we will be exploring ALL sorts of ways to control characters in your game. These lessons will each stand on their own merit, so you don't have to muscle through a lot of previous videos to implement the type of control system you're most interested in. So we'll look at the simplest of movements, to virtual controls pads to using the accelerometer and so on.
Module 1 Tap to Move Controls using Swift and Sprite Kit  
In these videos we will look at simple tap to move controls.
Unit 1 Notes for Swift 2 vs Swift 1.2
Unit 2 Control Systems Project - Touch to Move
Unit 3 How to Tap Relative to the Character to Move
Unit 4 Control Systems Project - Touch to Move with SKActions from Point A then to Point B
Unit 5 Smooth Movements with SKActions
Unit 6 SKActions (continued) Moving to Point A, then to Point B
Module 2 Making Objects Follow a Path  
In these video tutorials we will discuss how to make a sprite follow a path. This could be useful for tower defense style games or classic-style arcade games like Space Invaders. And believe it or not, Sprite Kit actually has an SKAction specifically for following a path!
Unit 1 Follow Path Project Files
Unit 2 Make an Object Follow a Path with SKActions
Unit 3 Make Multiple Objects Follow a Path (Centipede style)
Module 3 Using the Accelerometer to Control Movement  
These tutorials will focus on using the Accelerometer with Swift and Sprite Kit to control a character (or do things like balance / roll a marble).
Unit 1 Accelerometer Project 1 Files
Unit 2 Accelerometer Basics in Swift
Unit 3 Accelerometer Project 2 Files (Movement on both X and Y)
Unit 4 Accelerometer on Both X and Y in Swift
Module 4 Gestures Recognizers  
These video tutorials will look at how to use gesture recognizers with Swift and Sprite Kit. We will start off though by looking at how to animate textures (image sequences) using a .atlas folder in Xcode. Tap gestures will trigger the animation. We will then create a project where a ship spins around using the rotation gesture, and aims toward a target that is also rotated in line with it
Unit 1 Gestures Recognizers - Project Files
Unit 2 Animated Textures - Prequel to using Gesture Recognizers
Unit 3 Taps and Rotation Gesture Recognizer Tutorial
Unit 4 Rotating and Moving a Ship and Target
Unit 5 Swipe Gestures and Rotating Based on Degrees
Unit 6 Pan Gestures vs touchesMoved and convertPointFromView
Unit 7 Pinch and Long Press Gesture Recognizers
Module 5 Virtual Joysticks  
These video tutorials will look at how to create a virtual joystick with Swift and Sprite Kit.
Unit 1 Virtual Joystick - Project 1 (the project after the next two videos)
Unit 2 Initial Setup of a Virtual JoyStick with Swift and SpriteKit
Unit 3 Top Down Movements and Speed Based Controls using a Virtual Joystick
Module 6 Virtual Joystick in a Side Scroller Style Level  
In these iOS video tutorials we will continue working with our virtual joystick from the previous section, and extend the functionality to a side-scroller style level. This will involve creating a physics based Sprite Kit world, with classes for the Player and Object. We will fine tune the level of player control with each video.
Unit 1 Virtual Joystick - Project 2 - Side Scroller Style (the project after the first three videos)
Unit 2 Modifying the Scene for Side Scroller Play and Creating the Player Class
Unit 3 Creating an Object Class from SKNode and Using a Dictionary to Initialize It
Unit 4 Using the SKPhysicsContactDelegate to detect contact between Player and Object
Unit 5 Virtual Joystick - Project 3 - Side Scroller Style (the project after adding Walk, Idle and Attack actions)
Unit 6 Walking, Idling and Attacking with Joystick Controls Tutorial
Unit 7 Virtual Joystick - Project 4 - Side Scroller Style (Jumping Added / Finished)
Unit 8 Jumping with Joystick Controls Introduction
Unit 9 Jumping with Joystick Controls Tutorial
Module 7 Aim and Release (Sling Shot style) Controls  
In this iOS video tutorial we will modify the previous Joystick Project (Project #2, the first one with a Side Scroller setup) to sling a character forward from a set position in an aim and release fashion. Ahem, think, Angry Birds. We will also look at how to add the character and platforms into a "worldNode" which will get moved as the character is slung so it doesn't go out of view.
Unit 1 Sling Shot Project
Unit 2 Sling Shot Style Controls Tutorial
Module 8 Isometric Controls with a Joystick and Directional Pad  
In these two iOS video tutorials we will modify our joystick controls to work with an isometric level and then convert that project to use a virtual directional pad instead.
Unit 1 Isometric Projects (Joystick and Directional Pad)
Unit 2 Isometric Controls Tutorial
Unit 3 Isometric Controls Tutorial with a Directional Pad
iOS Control Systems Tutorials - How to Move Characters

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