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Role Playing Games with Sprite Kit – Subscriber Access

Role Playing Games with Sprite Kit and Objective C - Subscription Access
In this series of lessons on Sprite Kit, we will create a physics-based world with a roaming hero that can collide with other heroes (and make them follow the leader). Nearly everything will be property-list driven and adjustable by changing text in a plist file. We will program an option for each character to include / exclude front animations, side animations or back animations. We will also make each character attack, emit particles, receive damage, have a health meter, advance levels, restart levels and much, much more! All using Xcode and Sprite Kit.
Module 1 Introduction to the RPG World  
Learn how to create a physics based world.
Unit 1 Role Playing Games - Course Assets
Unit 2 Introduction
Unit 3 Initial Setup

Unit 4 Creating the Physics-Based World
Unit 5 Creating the Physics-Based World Continued
Module 2 Property Lists, Debug Borders, Gestures & More  
We will continue building the game by setting up boundaries, other characters and working with a property list.
Unit 1 Using the Property List Data
Unit 2 Adding Debug Boundaries for the Physics Objects
Unit 3 Adding Gesture Recognizers to the Sprite Kit View
Unit 4 Bringing in Other Characters from the Property List
Module 3 Follow the Leader  
In these videos we will work toward making a leader and following characters.
Unit 1 Initial Directional Movements
Unit 2 Delayed Followers
Unit 3 Stopping the Characters
Unit 4 Enabling Characters on Contact with the Leader
Module 4 Textures for Front, Back and Side Views  
He will add various views to each character based on where they move.
Unit 1 Setting up the rest of the Property List
Unit 2 SKActions for Changing the Textures of the Character
Unit 3 Running the SKActions for Front, Back and Side view Walk Sequences
Unit 4 SKActions for Attacking
Module 5 Particles, Health Meters, and Receiving Damage  
We will continue building the game environment by adding particles, health meters and more.
Unit 1 Particle Emitters
Unit 2 Health Meters and Receiving Damage
Unit 3 Game Over
Unit 4 Switching Leader Order
Module 6 Instruction Text, Bouncing Off Walls & More  
We will finish off the game by tackling the topics below.
Unit 1 Fading Instruction Text
Unit 2 Bouncing Back From Wall Contact and Flaming to Death
Unit 3 Collecting Coins
Unit 4 Advancing Levels
Unit 5 Alternate Property List Locations
Unit 6 Resizing the Entire SKScene
Unit 7 Creating an SKLabelNode for Stats
Unit 8 Applying Physics Force and Impulses to Scatter Coins


Role Playing Games with Sprite Kit Video Tutorials

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