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PhoneGap – Hybrid App Development – Tutorial Index

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Phonegap - Hybrid App Development - Lifetime Access
Learn the basic Phonegap/Cordova API's and get an insight into Ludei's CocoonJS canvas+ view for accelerated graphics!
Module 1 Introduction & Setup  
This first session will teach the fundamentals required to get your hybrid apps working.
Unit 1 Introduction to Hybrid Architecture
Unit 2 Installing Phonegap OSX, GNU & Windows PDF
Unit 3 Phonegap Testing
Unit 4 OSX Wifi Testing
Unit 5 OSX iOS Simulation
Unit 6 OSX Android Emulation
Unit 7 GNU Wifi Testing
Unit 8 GNU Android Emulation
Unit 9 Windows Wifi Testing
Unit 10 Windows Android Emulation
Unit 11 Phonegap or Cordova?
Unit 12 Best Practices
Unit 13 Phonegap project
Unit 14 Building our App Interface
Module 2 Cordova API  
In this session we will cover API's useful to a variety of apps, such as accessing the camera, accelerometer, battery, geolocation, media capture, and many more.
Unit 1 Console
Unit 2 Device
Unit 3 Events
Unit 4 Vibration
Unit 5 Battery Status
Unit 6 In App Browser Part 1
Unit 7 In App Browser Part 2
Unit 8 Status Bar
Unit 9 Networking
Unit 10 Accelerometer
Unit 11 Dialogs
Unit 12 Geolocation
Unit 13 Globalization
Unit 14 Contacts
Unit 15 Contacts - Part 2
Unit 16 Compass
Unit 17 Camera
Unit 18 Camera - Part 2
Unit 19 Media
Unit 20 Media Capture
Unit 21 File System
Unit 22 File System Creating Directories and Files
Unit 23 Directory Entry Methods (PDF)
Unit 24 File Entry Methods (PDF)
Unit 25 File Transfer Upload
Unit 26 File Transfer Download
Unit 27 Special Links
Unit 28 Installing Third Party Plugins
Unit 29 Phonegap Security Guidelines
Module 3 Ludei, CocoonJS & Cordova  
This session will explore CocoonJS (created by Ludei) to run high performance 2D and 3D HTML canvas games.
Unit 1 Introducing Ludei & CocoonJS
Unit 2 Running CocoonJS Projects
Module 4 Building Your App  
This final session will focus on building and distributing your app through Android or iOS.
Unit 1 Phonegap Build
Unit 2 Android Distribution
Unit 3 iOS Distribution
Unit 4 Compiling a CocoonJS App
Unit 5 Conclusion



PhoneGap Video Tutorials

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