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Learning Swift Book – Subscriber Access

Learning Swift - Short / Standalone Topics
A variety of short Swift courses. Feel free to suggest topics!
Module 1 One-Off Topics  
A variety of Swift topics.
Unit 1 Path and SKShapeNode Based Swipe Lines
Unit 2 Fruit Ninja-Style Swipe Lines with Swift and SpriteKit
Unit 3 Upgrading from Swift 3 to Swift 4
Unit 4 Device Specific SKScene files
Unit 5 Swift 4 and JSON
Unit 6 How to Split SKLabelNodes into 2 Lines with Swift
Unit 7 Loading a Property List from a Server using Swift 4
Unit 8 How to Check Values Periodically with Swift and Sprite Kit
Unit 9 Swift Code for Opening Restricted or Unrestricted URLs from Sprite Kit
Unit 10 Basic Swift for a Slot Machine Game (has some good random value code)
Module 2 Asteroids with Swift and Sprite Kit  
In this series of video tutorials we'll use Sprite Kit and Swift to program an Asteroids style game. This is perfect beginner course for anyone new to iOS development
Unit 1 Part 1 - Rotation and Tap Gestures for Ship Controls
Unit 2 Part 2 - Firing Bullets
Unit 3 Part 3 - The Actual Asteroids
Unit 4 Part 4 - The Physics

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