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In-App Purchasing for iOS Apps – Subscriber Access

In-App Purchasing for iOS Apps using Consumable or Non Consumable Products - Subscription Access
If you want a step-by-step understanding of how to create an InAppManager and InAppObserver class, this is the course for you! If you don’t care about creating those classes from scratch and just want to jumpstart into using in-app purchases, this is ALSO the course for you. You’re welcome to skip ahead to the Quick Start guide (and copy our InAppManager and InAppObserver classes). You can begin testing purchases or creating an in-game money system within an hour. Included with the tutorial movies are two source projects, one uses the Sprite Kit template and another uses the starting template for Single View Application. These projects alone make for a valuable reference, but you’ll get three hours of tutorials explaining every detail!
Module 1 iTunes Connect Setup and Provisioning  
An introduction to this tutorial on consumable and non-consumable purchases and how to initially set them up in iTunes Connect.
Unit 1 In App Purchasing Tutorial - Course Assets
Unit 2 iTunes Connect Setup
Unit 3 Provisioning Profiles
Unit 4 Creating an iTunes Connect Test User
Unit 5 Initial Xcode Setup
Unit 6 Two Paths to Go From Here
Module 2 Writing the In-App Purchasing Classes  
In this section we write each class from scratch! Lucky for you this is completely optional if you just want to get started integrating them into your project, you can skip to the next section.
Unit 1 Initializing the InAppManager Class
Unit 2 Requesting Product Data
Unit 3 The InAppObserver Class
Unit 4 The Buy Products and Provide Content Methods
Unit 5 Failed and Restored Transactions
Module 3 Quick Start Guide to using the In-App Purchase Classes  
In these videos we will import the classes written last section and begin testing them. As of iOS8 you will need to test on your actual device (not the Simulator)!
Unit 1 Adding the (pre-written) InAppManager and InAppObserver Classes to your project
Unit 2 Adding More Product ID’s to Purchase
Unit 3 Adding UIButtons to Purchase and Getting NSNotification feedback
Unit 4 Setting Different Button Values for the iPhone and iPad
Unit 5 Using a UIView for the UIButtons
Module 4 What To Do After a Purchase  
In these videos we will look at creating an in-game monetary system and look at Restoring Purchases (which is required by Apple).
Unit 1 Creating an In-Game Monetary System
Unit 2 Don’t Forget the Restore Button
Unit 3 About The Source Projects
In-App Purchasing for iOS Apps - Video Tutorials

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