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Adobe Illustrator Character Design

Taught by the Great Mike Mac!

Adobe Illustrator Character Design - Subscription Access
Go from sketching to full color vector with professional illustrator, Mike Mac. This course uses Adobe Illustrator, but you can choose the design program of your choice (preferably vector based though).
Module 1 Retro Ghost Character - NEW!  
How to draw a retro style ghost character
Unit 1 How to Draw a Retro Style Ghost Character
Module 2 Character Design  
This section teaches how to draw two highly stylized human characters.
Unit 1 Course Assets
Unit 2 Stylized Human Character Design Part 1
Unit 3 Stylized Human Character Design Part 2
Unit 4 Stylized Human Character Design Part 3
Module 3 Animal Character Design  
This video teaches how to sketch and use Adobe Illustrator to create various stylized animals.
Unit 1 Animal Character Design



Adobe Illustrator Character Design Tutorials

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