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Actionscript 3 and MySQL Courses – Subscriber Access

Actionscript 3 - Ecards, Components, and MySQL / PHP Tutorials
Some oldies but goodies from our Actionscript 3 collection. Four courses on how to create Ecards, work with Components, use Flash as content management system with PHP and MySQL, and finally a course on Flash-based visitor counters.
Module 1 All Project Files for Each Course  
Download the project files for each course in a single zip.
Unit 1 All Project Files
Module 2 Ecards Video Tutorials  
Learn to program a Flash Ecard system using Actionscript 3 or Actionscript 2, and connect to a MySQL database using PHP. This Flash Ecard tutorial teaches how to capture and store input text as well as x and y locations for objects, so the card can be customized using drag and drop methods to "dress up" characters or move around movieclips for other reasons. Also sending the card to an email address is possible, but optional. Cards can be generated without sending to an email address. After creating the card, a URL is displayed for the card location. Capturing a From email address is also possible, but not recommended.
Unit 1 Ecards Video Tutorial Part 1
Unit 2 Ecards Video Tutorial Part 2
Module 3 Flash Components  
Learn how to use the following components with Actionscript 3: Button Component, CheckBox Component, ColorPicker Component, ComboBox Component, DataGrid Component, Label Component, List Component, NumericStepper Component, ProgressBar Component, RadioButton Component, ScrollPane Component, Slider Component, TextArea Component, TextInput Component , TileList Component, UILoader Component, and UIScrollBar Components.
Unit 1 Flash Components Tutorial - Part 1
Unit 2 Flash Components Tutorial - Part 2
Module 4 Flash Visitor Counters  
A short 1 hour tutorial on how to build a visitor counter in Flash using Actionscript 3, Mysql and PHP Students will learn to setup a table in MySQL for the visitor count, use Flash to call a PHP file which adds to the database, get the visitor count back into Flash, customize the look by adding commas to large numbers or storing each number in a movie clip and use vector art (custom drawn numbers) instead of dynamic text.
Unit 1 Flash Visitor Counter Tutorial
Module 5 Flash CMS Tutorial  
Use Actionscript 3 to develop a Flash-based Content Management System where clients can update images and text. Along the way, you'll learn how to use PHP and MySQL with Flash.
Unit 1 Flash CMS Tutorial - Updatable Text 1
Unit 2 Flash CMS Tutorial - Updatable Text 2
Unit 3 Flash CMS Tutorial - Updatable Images 1
Unit 4 Flash CMS Tutorial - Updatable Images 2

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