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WordPress Ninja Tutorial – Lifetime Access

Wordpress Kung Fu (2018 course) & Wordpress Ninja (2016 course)
Do you want to learn how to make a website or blog that not only looks great, but can also sell merchandise (including physical or digital goods). Managing your own Wordpress-based site allows you the freedom to do whatever you want, with thousands of easy-to-install themes and plugin. If you've been afraid of tinkering with Wordpress in the past, or just turned off by the learning curve, well that ends now! This multi-session video tutorial series will start you off with the basics, and then tackle some of the coolest things you can do with Wordpress as your trusty backend. And if you're a totally beginner to web development, well fear not, because administering a Wordpress site isn't much harder than managing your Facebook profile!
Module 1 Wordpress Kung Fu - Installation and Essential Know-How for first-timers to Wordpress  
In this section we'll cover the initial installation and setup for Wordpress, as well as the basics of page and post creation, essential plugins, widgets and more.
Unit 1 Wordpress Installation
Unit 2 Wordpress Themes and Pages vs Posts Overview
Unit 3 Plugins Part 1 - Jetpack Plugin
Unit 4 Plugins Part 2 - Some Essential, some just recommended
Unit 5 Facebook Pixel (install NOW, trust me)
Unit 6 Widgets
Module 2 Wordpress Kung Fu Adding a Premium Theme  
In this section we'll discuss our recommended theme to really make your site stunning. And yes, it is a Premium (paid) theme, but also very affordable.
Unit 1 Cardinal Theme - Installation and Introduction
Unit 2 Cardinal Theme Part 2 - Displaying Recent Posts within Pages
Unit 3 Cardinal Theme - UI Elements 1 - Accordian
Unit 4 Cardinal Theme - UI Elements 2 - Message Boxes and Icons
Unit 5 Cardinal Theme - UI Elements 3 - Site Map, Toggle, Tabs, Search
Unit 6 Cardinal Theme - UI Elements 4 - Tour Boxes and Saving your Elements to Port to other Pages
Module 3 Wordpress Ninja (2016 Course) - The Basics  
In these videos you'll learn what WordPress is all about and why it's the backend of over 75 million of website. You'll learn about the Administration Screen, Toolbar, General Settings, Themes, Pages & Posts (basics) and Menus.
Unit 1 Setting up your Wordpress Site (Text Notes)
Unit 2 Welcome to the Series
Unit 3 Setting Up Your Profile
Unit 4 Basic Settings
Unit 5 Theme Installation
Unit 6 Theme Customization
Unit 7 Pages And Posts
Unit 8 Menus
Unit 9 Companion PDF for Session 1
Module 4 Wordpress Ninja (2016 Course) - Session 2 - Plugins  
WordPress has a lot of great features, and one of those features is plugins. Plugins can either be installed manually or through one of the Plugin Repositories. One of the most popular repositories, and the one we’ll be working with in this tutorial is the Official WordPress Plugins Repository. Once installed, plugins extend your WordPress by adding (or modifying) functionality. For example, in this tutorial I’ll show you how to install a plugin named Ninja Forms which will handle all of the forms on your site.
Unit 1 Wordpress Plugins
Unit 2 Installing Plugins
Unit 3 All In One SEO
Unit 4 Jetpack
Unit 5 Simple Follow Me
Unit 6 Ninja Forms
Unit 7 Custom Shortcode
Unit 8 TablePress
Unit 9 Duplicator
Unit 10 Wrap-Up
Unit 11 Companion PDF for Session 2
Module 5 Wordpress Ninja (2016 Course) - Adding Content  
This session will get into the nitty-gritty details of adding content to your Wordpress site.
Unit 1 Session Overview
Unit 2 Public Service Announcement
Unit 3 Posts
Unit 4 Categories And Tags
Unit 5 Pages
Unit 6 Working With The Editor
Unit 7 Media Library
Unit 8 Image Editing
Unit 9 Bonus Video - Tammy at Work
Wordpress Kung Fu - Video Tutorials for Wordpress
Wordpress Ninja - Video Tutorials

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