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How to Draw Giant Robots – Tutorial Index

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How to Draw Giant Robots
A 10 Hour Flash Animation Tutorial
Module 1 How to Draw Giant Robots – Course Assets  
Download all the Flash files for this course
Unit 1 Course Assets
Module 2 Polygon Shape Design  
This first session is a soft-approach to getting started with Adobe Flash and vector illustration in general. If you’ve never used Flash before, be sure to watch the initial setup video. Otherwise, you can begin by creating simple polygon shapes, which we extrude to create more complex shapes. We’ll also talk about perspective and create a quick body pose to use in Session 2.
Unit 1 Initial Setup with Adobe Flash
Unit 2 Basic Shapes
Unit 3 Extruding Shapes
Unit 4 Complex Shapes
Unit 5 Body Mockup
Module 3 Shading and Texturing Practice  
This session teaches how to save a color palette in Flash, color a three-dimensional object, texture using masks and images, add rust and smoke fx, and more.
Unit 1 Color Palette
Unit 2 Elaborating the Shoulder Parts
Unit 3 Initial Color and Texture
Unit 4 Rust and Smoke
Unit 5 Detailing
Module 4 Parts Library  
In this session, we will build up a library of symbols which we can use throughout the rest of the course and in future projects. Keeping an archive of past “parts” will help you to speed through production on your next robot masterpiece.
Unit 1 Cords
Unit 2 Metal Clumps
Unit 3 Repeating Columns
Unit 4 Paint Chips
Unit 5 Atmospheric FX
Unit 6 Insignia
Unit 7 Gears
Module 5 Silhouetting and Adding Primary Planes to the Final Piece  
It’s time to begin your epic robot masterpiece. This session will teach you how to use parts from your library and build the silhouette of your robot-to-be. Then we’ll carefully begin adding one-dimensional polygon planes to the robot. Our aim is to simply get a solid foundation for the finished piece.
Unit 1 Using the Parts Library to Build a Silhouette
Unit 2 The Exoskeleton
Unit 3 The Exoskeleton – Primary Planes
Unit 4 The Exoskeleton – Primary Planes (continued)
Unit 5 Touching Up
Module 6 Extruding Planes for the Exoskeleton  
In this session we’ll begin extruding the primary planes we created last session and build the robot’s entire exoskeleton, or outer armor, with special attention to both design and functionality.
Unit 1 Extruding the Legs
Unit 2 Extruding the Boots
Unit 3 Extruding the Chest Plates
Unit 4 Extruding the First Arm
Unit 5 Extruding the Second Arm
Unit 6 Extruding the Shoulders
Unit 7 Extruding the Neck and Head
Module 7 Embellishing the Exoskeleton  
This session we’ll add lights, vents, divides in the armor, chip away at the edges, insignia, bolts, piping and just about everything else we need before we send our robot off to the next session for final shading.
Unit 1 Lights
Unit 2 Dividing Areas
Unit 3 Thin Lines for Panelling
Unit 4 Rough Edging
Unit 5 Adding Pipes
Unit 6 Insignia and Bolts
Module 8 Adding Realism to the Final Piece  
In this final session we will concentrate on giving our robot realistic shading and atmosphere. We’ll add a background layer, then shade each region of the body accordingly. We’ll add smoke effects, damage, debris and even some helicopter fire. Finally, we can export a high resolution image, open it in Photoshop and add watercolor effects to make the image have a painterly, movie poster feel.
Unit 1 Shading
Unit 2 Lighting and Filters
Unit 3 Textures
Unit 4 Debris and Smoke
Unit 5 Adding some optional Photoshop Filters
How to Draw Giant Robots in Adobe Flash - Video tutorials

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