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How to Draw All Your Own Game Art – Tutorial Index

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How to Draw All Your Own Game Art - Lifetime Access
Imagine being able to see a style of art or reference image and already knowing the steps to recreate something similar. That’s the true aim of this course. The wide range of topics in the course should make you feel confident enough to try illustrating any aspect of your game, be it the logo, hero, background or interface. We’ll even cover animation and discuss tips to exporting image sequences specifically for games.
Module 1 Flash Basics  
We'll cover the initial setup in Flash and discuss manipulating vector points.
Unit 1 How to Draw All Your Own Game Art - Course Assets
Unit 2 Initial Setup with Flash
Unit 3 Vector Points
Module 2 The All-Important Logo  
In this section, we’ll look at some incredibly easy tips you can use with just about any font to make your logo stand out. Your logo is one of the first things people will see in the game itself, but more importantly, potential players will scrutinize any preview screenshots in the store before downloading your game. This first impression could be the key to people downloading your app or not.
Unit 1 Logos - Basic Layout
Unit 2 Logos - Starting the Empire Logo
Unit 3 Logos - Coloring
Unit 4 Logos - Adding a Backing
Unit 5 Logos - Adding Lighting
Module 3 Ye ol’ Quest Map  
Alright matey’s, no one knows where to begin their journey without a map. This could be used as a guide to give players an overview of the various levels they will travel to. Or you could simply create a map for decoration in conjunction with your logo. Maps can be a great, soft background piece behind text, or other user interface elements.
Unit 1 Quest Map - Starting Out
Unit 2 Quest Map - Streams and Docks
Unit 3 Quest Map - Mountains and Roads
Unit 4 Quest Map - Forests and Cliffs
Unit 5 Quest Map - Adding a Village
Module 4 Interface Elements and Buttons  
In this session, we’ll be covering many types of interface elements, or GUI. This will include buttons, progress bars, selection icons, radar, and anything else you might find while playing the game or within a menu.
Unit 1 GUI - Introduction
Unit 2 GUI - Creating a Play Button
Unit 3 GUI - Creating a Sci-Fi Style Play Button
Unit 4 GUI - Progress Bar
Unit 5 GUI - Adding Chains and Drawing a Compass Radar
Unit 6 GUI - Selected Icon
Unit 7 Space Style Buttons
Unit 8 Overview of Finished GUI
Module 5 Designing Game Characters  
In this session we’ll tackle drawing your main character. We’ll practice drawing the in-game views (front, back and side) and more detailed closeup views for Selection Screens, App icons or Promotional Art.
Unit 1 "Choose a Character" Screen Part 1
Unit 2 "Choose a Character" Screen Part 2
Unit 3 Drawing an In-Game Character - Front View
Unit 4 Drawing an In-Game Character - Back View
Unit 5 In Game Character Side View
Module 6 Character Animations  
In this session you’ll learn how to animate your character from the previous session. We’ll look at front and side view walking animation, an attack animation, how to add an interesting attack effect, and how to export a PNG sequence or Sprite Sheet from Flash.
Unit 1 Animating a Front View Walk Cycle
Unit 2 Animating a Side View Walk Cycle
Unit 3 Animating an Attack Animation
Unit 4 Adding FX to an Attack Animation
Unit 5 How to Export from Flash
Module 7 Terrain  
In this session we will construct various top-down view terrains. Combined with the buildings and structures taught in the next session, you’ll have some very detailed backgrounds to work with.
Unit 1 Drawing Terrain - The Outlands
Unit 2 Drawing Terrain - The Outlands Continued
Unit 3 Drawing Terrain - The Ocean
Unit 4 Drawing Terrain - The Ocean Continued
Unit 5 Drawing Terrain - The Bad Part of Anywhere
Unit 6 Drawing Terrain - The Bad Part of Anywhere Continued
Module 8 How to Draw Buildings  
In this session we will cover perspective points, sketching ideas for buildings and creating multiple different structures, as usual using Adobe Flash. You’ll learn how to draw a castle, tiki house, and modular style buildings which are great for filling larger background pieces with very little art.
Unit 1 Perspective 101
Unit 2 The Castle
Unit 3 Modular Huts
Unit 4 Sketching Ideas
Unit 5 The Tiki House
Module 9 Animation FX  
In this session we will look at explosion FX which you could use for collisions, impacts, death sequences, etc. We will also practice animating looping effects to use in a background sequence. Great for adding a little extra life to your game’s scenes.
Unit 1 Star Burst Animation
Unit 2 Ring Blast Animation
Unit 3 Animating a Smoke Effect
How to Draw All Your Own Game Art Video Tutorials

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