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How to Draw All Your Own Game Art 2 – Has Begun!

How to Draw All Your Own Game Art 2 – Has Begun!
March 12, 2015 Justin
How to Draw All Your Own Game Art Side Scrolling Character Tutorial

War (on mediocre game art) Has Begun!….(again)

I’ve officially begun teaching the sequel to How to Draw All Your Own Game!  The first series focused on many aspects of game art, but most of the in-game art was from the top-down. So naturally this new series will rotate things 90 degrees and focus on side-scrolling art (or 45 degrees depending on how your brain views top-down art)!

As of today, access to this course, which is very much in progress, is just limited to subscribers of my new iOS and Art Portal.  Since I’m only about 2 hours in, I’ll probably hold off on prepping a Lifetime-Access sales page and option for a little bit, at least until I have some more art and animation to show off.

So just a heads-up, this course has begun! And by the way, it will coincide with my Swift Side Scroller tutorials, which will also be available through the subscription portal first. Hint, hint.

That’s all!

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