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Game Development with Stencyl – Tutorial Index

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Game Development with Stencyl
Learn how to build games with zero programming using Stencyl
Module 1 Stencyl Basics - First Steps: Getting Setup  
Welcome to the world of Stencyl
Unit 1 Stencyl Basics - Course Assets
Unit 2 Welcome to the world of game creation
Unit 3 Overview
Unit 4 Getting Setup
Module 2 Stencyl Basics - From Concept To Creation: The Design Process  
These videos discuss planning and conceptualizing your first game.
Unit 1 The Importance Of Design
Unit 2 Conceptualizing The Game
Module 3 Stencyl Basics - Starting Our Game  
These courses will guide you through the Stencyl environment as you create your first game character.
Unit 1 Exploring Stencyl
Unit 2 User Input and Character Movement
Unit 3 Understanding Attributes
Unit 4 A Look At the Mouse
Unit 5 Making the Character Shoot
Module 4 Stencyl Basics - Important Concepts  
These videos look at loops, events, behaviors game logic and other Stencyl-specific essentials.
Unit 1 Events Explained
Unit 2 The Most Important Blocks
Unit 3 Looping - How to Use It
Unit 4 Audio Lesson
Unit 5 Conditional Logic
Unit 6 The Behaviour Library
Module 5 Stencyl Basics - Creating your own game assets  
These videos discuss creating art for your game.
Unit 1 Getting Photoshop CS6
Unit 2 The Photoshop Interface
Unit 3 Creating the Crosshair
Module 6 Stencyl Basics - Developing Core Functionality  
In these videos you will learn AI basics, using Camera Follow, collision groups, boundaries and much more.
Unit 1 Basic AI
Unit 2 Camera Follow
Unit 3 Adding the Crosshair
Unit 4 Setting Up Collision Groups
Unit 5 A Nicer Projectile
Unit 6 Boundaries
Unit 7 Explode On Die
Unit 8 Switching Animations
Unit 9 Cannot Be Pushed
Unit 10 Advanced Enemy AI
Unit 11 Bug Fixing
Module 7 Stencyl Basics - Finishing the game  
In this final set of videos for the basics, you will learn how to make enemies shoot, create health bars, add rules, make destructible environments and much more.
Unit 1 Enemy Shoot
Unit 2 Die After X Seconds
Unit 3 Bug Fix 2
Unit 4 Adding The Helicopter
Unit 5 Adding Health Bars
Unit 6 Destructable Environment 1
Unit 7 Destructable Environment 2
Unit 8 Game Rules
Unit 9 Game Rules 2
Unit 10 Conclusion
Module 8 Advanced Stencyl - Introduction  
An introduction and overview of this more advanced series of videos.
Unit 1 Advanced Stencyl - Game Assets
Unit 2 Welcome to the Advanced Course
Unit 3 Structure of Courses
Unit 4 Overview of Software and Tools
Unit 5 Moving from Stencyl 2 to 3 and Beyond
Unit 6 Moving from Stencyl Pt 2 (pt2)
Module 9 Advanced Stencyl - Marketing & Monetization  
These optional bonus videos will explore some important concepts regarding how to market and make money from your game.
Unit 1 Game Monetization Strategies
Unit 2 Game Marketing
Module 10 Advanced Stencyl - An In-depth look at Stencyl  
An in-depth look at the Stencyl interface
Unit 1 A Look At The Stencyl Interface
Unit 2 A Look At The Stencyl Interface 2
Unit 3 A Look At The Stencyl Interface pt 3
Unit 4 Licensing and Publishing Options
Module 11 Advanced Stencyl - Game Design Theory  
An optional discussion on game design.
Unit 1 What is Play
Unit 2 What is a Game
Module 12 Advanced Stencyl - Building the Bones of the Game  
These videos dig into creating the actual game!
Unit 1 Game Assets Folder
Unit 2 Our Game Design Concept
Unit 3 Background System Changed as of Stencyl 3.2
Unit 4 Starting the Game Project
Unit 5 Starting the Game Project - pt2
Unit 6 Starting the Game Project - pt 3
Unit 7 Starting the Game Project - pt4
Unit 8 Moving the Balloon
Unit 9 Moving Balloon - pt 2
Module 13 Advanced Stencyl - Programming Core Functionality & Mechanics  
These videos continue building the game and explore movement controls, the player handler, adaptive cursor and much more
Unit 1 The Player Handler - Character Controls
Unit 2 Adaptive Cursor
Unit 3 Character Controls (continued)
Unit 4 Character Controls (continued 2)
Unit 5 Object Lesson in Software Development
Unit 6 Cursor Handler - Sharing Attributes Beteen Actors
Unit 7 Debuggin the Cursor Handler
Unit 8 Debugging the Player Handler pt 2
Module 14 Advanced Stencyl - Crafting the Aesthetic Experience: Various Experiential Embellishments  
This final series of videos will discuss refinements to the game.
Unit 1 Refining Obstacle Interactions
Unit 2 More Elaborate Camera Follow
Unit 3 Solution - More Elaborate Camera Follow
Unit 4 Handling Collisions Properly
Unit 5 Reacting to Collision Events - Destruction of Obstacles
Unit 6 Obstacle Eye Candy
Unit 7 Exercise - Finish Player Eye Candy
Unit 8 Player Eye Candy
Unit 9 Solution - Finish Player Eye Candy
Unit 10 Collecting Coins
Unit 11 Directional Click Fix
Unit 12 Collecting Coins - pt 2
Unit 13 Animating HUD Elements

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