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What utility software do you use for app development?

Home 4 Forums Game Development Tips What utility software do you use for app development?

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  • April 14, 2016 at 12:09 pm #146998

    I’d love to hear what you guys are using, but obviously I’ve got my own buffet style fixin’s for various things. I’ll share them below…

    Changing file names – So I know the Finder can do a lot of this, but I prefer a program called NameChanger . It’s free (but donation supported). So if I export out a PNG animation sequence from Adobe Animate / Flash, the leading zeros just irk me, and I wipe those out with NameChanger. Great for replacing specific strings or adding text before the entire file name (or after). Its got a lot of options. Occasionally I’ll clean up some submissions we get over at

    Screen Capture Your iOS Apps – I lean toward iShowU these days. I did use X-Mirage for a while too, but I think I prefer iShowU. Its great actually for capturing EVERYTHING, screencasts, YouTube videos, whatever. So if you are submitting your app to Apple, you know you have to get a video of the app actually in play on your iPhone or iPad. My 5 year old could care less about image previews in the store. He’s all about the videos. “Just play the video dad!” While I’m swiping through static images like a chump, I guess.

    Screen Capture your tvOS Apps – Apple’s got ya setup already on this one. Be sure your Apple TV is connected to your computer via that little USB cord, then open Quicktime Player X > go to New Movie Recording. Next to the Record icon, there a little pulldown to choose the Video and Sound source. Your snazzy new Apple TV should be there. Record away.

    Converting your video app gameplay videos – I’ve got two great solutions here. I use Miro to convert the video to MP4 and WebM. This isn’t so much for Apple (though I do find they hate videos over a certain size, so compressing them some is necessary) But to playback video here on the website, my theme prefers different strokes for different folks. So mp4 for us Safari / Chrome folks, WebM for IE (I think) and then for Firefox I have to convert it to OGG. But Miro always over-compresses the quality, so for OGG to look pretty I use this website

    When I think of more, I’ll post it here.

  • June 9, 2016 at 2:06 am #151356

    Pro Audio Convertor for audio files. First app I made 165mb, and I couldn’t figure out why, my BG music file was HUGE!!! If you have a ton of audio, or sound effects, and want to convert all the files at the sametime, it does it extremely quick and you can customize it whatever bitrate, ext. etc, you want. I went to a ton of websites, and when you are recording sound-bites for political game, (poured over 70 hours of political coverage)scattered brain person like myself, it helps to do things all at once be done and move onto next. So when people asked why I was waiting it was pretty simple, wanting for the last two to emerge so I can focus on content. Using the feedback from the first version to make improvements, and hey I learned something.

    • June 9, 2016 at 3:04 pm #151400

      Gotta remember that. Sound Convertor stopped working for me!

  • June 21, 2016 at 5:05 pm #151949

    I’ve been using Audio Converter Lite to make .caf files. It’s free and simple.

    I also use Dash a bunch. It’s great for snippets as well as my documentation guide.

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