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Tibetan Form of Greetings

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  • August 27, 2021 at 1:32 am #218734

    Tashi Delek is a common greeting word in Tibet. Tashi means auspicious and Delek means good. It contains the best wishes such as good health and fortune. This simple Tibetan greeting word can not only shorten the distance between two people but also eliminates the feeling of strangeness. In Tibet, if someone says Tashi Delek to you, you should reply “Tashi Delek Shu (falling tone on Shu). Besides, some older Tibetan people even stuck out their tongues during the greeting, which is also a way to show welcome and their sincerity.

    Another interesting practice amongst Tibetans is presenting Khatag to their guests. A Khatag is a white woven scarf and offering it to guests, family members, seniors, and even deities is a popular tradition in Tibet. It is considered a practice of hospitality and respect.

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