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Relation to platform kit

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  • April 10, 2017 at 2:19 pm #164922


    It is kind of funny as I was playing with the “platformer kit” for some time, then ‘discovered’ Fantastic world kit. And now I can see that ‘older’ kit is more suitable for my needs. I was trying to make side scroller ( i.e. mario clone ) using the platform kit and realised that probably ‘Fantastic …’ is better option for that. It also has a great documentation ( i.e. iBook ). Only one inconvenience comes from the fact that it is in OBjective-C, and platform kit seems to be more ‘modern’.

    So my ‘free’ question is: is it possible to create side scroller in “platfomer
    or the “fantastic world..” is the way to go.


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