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Question about the Ball

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  • May 29, 2016 at 1:13 am #150654

    So if I wanted to give my ball a certain look, and wanted that look to appear to rotate with the momentum of the ball, lets say its a face of some sort exactly what would it take to accomplish this as far as the mask that’s applied to the current asset. It does not have to be like a tire rim (rims going in reverse of motion for example) more for comedic value. For example let us say its a head of some sort lol… how could I make that head look as if its rotating with the ball, I would also assume you would have to do something with the assets you have provided with the ball going into the whole itself. On my test it was comical to see it go from a head then it is a ball.

    Thanks again… I am sure I will have more questions, I went and checked out some real pinball machines those things are literally a work of art, I am not trying to be the next Zen pinball, just looking to make a couple cool effects, ie, like the pool table graphic, etc, I’ll watch the videos again of course, I really would like to provide some decent feedback on the LCD similar to the cowboy game screen. My concern is the overlay for TvOS yet that’s down the line. Obviously my objective is learning.

    I was thinking of adding a particular emitter to the ball as a child of that node as well, probably better to do that in code yes?

  • May 30, 2016 at 12:39 pm #150693

    Sure. Little background though on the kit…. The pinballs in the kit all have a child inside of it which is the art work you see (a chrome ball). Those children are programmed to rotate inverse to the parent. So if the parent container rotates -3 degrees, the children go 3 degrees. Thus making it seem like the ball isn’t rotating at all. It is of course, otherwise the physics don’t run right. But the affect is that the chrome highlight stays in the top left, which is how a reflective pinball would look (you wouldn’t see the highlights rotating around).

    So long story short, just remove the child from the ball. =)

  • May 30, 2016 at 6:18 pm #150764

    Nice!! It will not affect the overall mechanics of the ball beyond just the reflective part… Correct… ?

    This is going to be so fun.

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