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Question about balls going into holes leading to another area?

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  • June 9, 2016 at 2:16 am #151357

    So I had a thought, it would be cool, if I hit the ball-head, and the it rolls into a hole, and now the ball-head is rolling down a hallway per se, or pops up in another area, like you see in some pinball games, where they have a second level, or you can hit into garage, like the Simpson for example. It might be a little far fetched, after looking at your art tutorial it really gave me some cool ideas. Maps, for example. that 2.5D effect is really dope. Got some great “landmarks” for bumpers. I hope this making sense, being it is pretty late. I notice you kinda do that, when you play the cowboy game the ball disappears, and pops back out in another location. So the ball would appear in another room, based how you handled that room, or it could just be a “roll through” an SKScene simulated animation, then you are back on the table maybe. (Data Dumping my thoughts) So set up a listener so when the ball goes into the hole it triggers “that scene”.

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