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Memory Issues

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  • April 24, 2016 at 11:28 am #148212

    Getting a lot of memory warnings, resulting in crashes. Is this normal with the kit? I had seen this issue mentioned somewhere in the discussions, but I can’t find the reference.

    I am running an old 2008 Intel Macbook with an iPad2. Project crashes as well while running as a stand alone during testing.

    Example below of the error log:
    checking data from dictionary entry LavaTable for specific SKS file
    2016-04-24 13:15:26.840 PinballiOS[4666:417200] Received memory warning.
    2016-04-24 13:15:40.070 PinballiOS[4666:417200] Received memory warning.
    2016-04-24 13:15:40.102 PinballiOS[4666:417200] Received memory warning.
    2016-04-24 13:15:46.188 PinballiOS[4666:417200] Received memory warning.
    2016-04-24 13:16:02.353 PinballiOS[4666:417200] Received memory warning.
    2016-04-24 13:16:13.869 PinballiOS[4666:417200] Received memory warning.

  • April 24, 2016 at 11:52 am #148214

    Do you have physics turned on? After about 2 minutes showing physics will always crash a Sprite Kit project. Doesn’t matter if you have one thing in the scene or a million, it’ll just die.

    But if not, I don’t think there’s much to be done. I wouldn’t tailor your project to the power of the iPad 2. Which is probably 5 years old now (I think the release was 2011 right?). In “iOS years” thats an old dog. To put things in perspective, Sprite Kit wasn’t even around prior to 2013.

    So good news, its safe to keep pushing the limits of your table because its going to run awesome on a newer device. Just consider the iPad 2 a better tester than the Simulator, but not perfect.

    And if you want me to be the devil on your shoulder, I would say any decent pinball table app is going to sell $200-$400 pretty quickly, especially if you’re making this for both iOS and tvOS (expect more sales in the tvOS store). So its worth the investment to get either a newer iPad or new Apple TV and test the app in a better environment. Again, I’d lean toward the TV though.

    Homer Devil on Shouldeer

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