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Good results from your tvOS apps? Big fish in a small pond?

Home 4 Forums Game Development Tips Good results from your tvOS apps? Big fish in a small pond?

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  • April 1, 2016 at 12:41 am #145130

    Tim Cook said there’s about 5000 apps in the tvOS Store this month, which to me actually sounds a bit low, but who better would know. I thought by now at least 10k. But hey good news for us developers right. Less piranha in the tank. Hmm, my second fish reference.

    Anyhow. I like the numbers I’m seeing in there. Most of my apps are free but still. The few paid ones seem to do well.

    Anyone else?

  • April 7, 2016 at 8:29 am #145675

    I’m tempted to buy the Apple TV just so I can test apps out on it. How long before they reach a million apps do you think?

  • April 27, 2016 at 1:58 am #148355

    I bought an Apple TV and not only are developers charging a lot of money for their apps, it is barren landscape, and the capabilities to show artistic skills are pretty incredible. So much space to create, and the ability to interact with a particular game in a new way. So obviously I have a game built based upon the schematics you outlined in numerous kits. Using one set of assets across all projects. (Thumbs up emoji) SO for 169.00 bucks you get a “32gb Apple TV” I mean that’s not a lot of sales to make that money back.

    There is this bowling game for the Apple TV for example, charging 8.99 for their bundle. In the game itself you are able to use the remote like the Wii,…. kinda.

    Swipe left and right moves you across the lane, (panning gesture)
    swipe up and at a particular angle you get spin on the ball, pretty cool….
    tap and hold the top of the mini controller you can zoom in down the lane

    The good stuff: When the user presses and holds the ball lifts, and you can basically move it like a real ball. It is little jerky, yet it’s really good believable. As motion forward you release the ball, rolls, you slide a finger boom your bowling. My question the “lifting” of the object, I do not see any “real” code examples in the documentation or possibly just didn’t understand it. Obviously, the ability to lift and use an object opens up a realm of possibilities, ie tennis games, golf games, “star wars lifesavers” ….

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