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  • April 7, 2016 at 10:30 pm #145776

    Hi J

    Just wanted to mention these two properties, great additions… That AddReferenceFromFile, saved me a ton of work.

    Going from the tvOS version to the iOS version I had to get buttons on all my pages, to go back to the main menus and welcome screen & I also added tap left, right and browse buttons, all in a reference file then simply added the reference file to all the events dictionaries and it was done, sweet!

    And the StartListener and StopListener properties are well handy, I was having a bit of a nightmare with some of my buttons as once I pressed them they kind of deactivated themselves, so I found the AlwaysListen property and added that, although because the buttons had sounds attached, every time I tapped a button, the sound would just repeat over and over…

    Then I figured this, I will post some details incase anyone else needs to do the same thing…

    My button’s touch event starts Listener1 and sets a value to ShowInfoDetailFor Button1…

    Inside Listener1, I’m listening for ShowInfoDetailFor to equal Button1 and if it does, it runs my events and then I use StopListener Listener1 to stop itself, now I can tap any button and it will run all my events, play the sound once and then switch off until I press the button again, where it reenables itself and starts all over again.

    Great stuff, really digging this kit. đŸ™‚

    I’m thinking I might submit an iPhone version for now, while I work on the layouts for the iPad, as the iOS version is nearly done & as you know the tvOS version is with Apple. The iOS version I have in the App Store has graphics for the original iPhone. So I think an update is well overdue, what do you think?


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