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Added Play and Pause Buttons for Videos

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  • April 1, 2016 at 1:20 am #145134

    You can now add play and pause controls for the video player in the Story Tellers iOS and tvOS Starter Kit 2. The video player is an SKVideoNode which doesn’t have many properties (play and pause basically), but it can seamlessly integrate into your Page scene (SKScene). You can layer it above and below other sprites, move it around based on the touch of the user, pan it, rotate it, etc. Anything the kit allows you to do to other SKNodes should work fine.

    No code changes have been made to Page_Video.swift extension, just the main Page.swift file. You can read more about the new PlayVideo and PauseVideo events here in the documentation.

    (You’re welcome Arnel, get that app in the store so we can show it off)

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