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  • May 7, 2016 at 1:55 am #149441

    Okay, Im basically replacing the examples art with my own and trying to remove what I don’t want. (Coins, timer) However the first problem I run into is my art is much bigger than whats there, and I need the background to scroll by Y as well as X. I got the code down to one error, I modified the scrollStage function to “(thePlayer.xy != lastXY)” But I can’t get it to agree to “lastXY = thePlayer.y-thePlayer.x” Do I need a new set of definitions for lastXY to get it to equal both x & y? Next I wanted to be able to load it on a mobile and have touch buttons for up down left right instead of the Accelerometer, but I can’t find a way to convert the Boolean code to touch commands. Lastly every time I think I’ve removed all the timer code it tells me that the is still a part of the document, and needs to have code in it. I can’t find a way to detach it.

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