Developers Survival Bag of Tutorials – Subscriber Access

Developer's Survival Bag
Anything we can think of to help save the day!
Module 1 Resizing of Images in Photoshop using Batch Actions  
Need to do mass conversions of images, perhaps for Retina display devices? This video will save you a lot of time. You can also rename images as well.
Unit 1 Batch Resizing Images in Photoshop
Module 2 Troubleshooting Xcode  
In this section we'll look at tips for troubleshooting an unruly Xcode.
Unit 1 Tips for Submitting an Apple Watch App
Module 3 Saving Input Text and NSUserDefaults in Swift 1.2  
This short iOS video tutorial will show you to use an UITextField in a Sprite Kit based game to enter input text (for example the player's name) and keep that data saved over the lifespan of the app in an SKLabelNode.
Unit 1 Saving Input Text and NSUserDefaults in Swift 1.2

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