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Animation Book Resources

How to Fake Great Animation - Videos and Resources
Videos referenced in the PDF version of our Animation iBook have been added below. If you don't see active links below sign up for our sample pack right here .
Module 1 Videos  
Videos referenced in the PDF version of our How to Fake Great Animation book.
Unit 1 Course Resources
Unit 2 New Sweater
Unit 3 Changing Symbols
Unit 4 Movieclips vs Graphics Clips
Unit 5 Groups
Unit 6 Vector Points
Unit 7 Freeway Loop
Unit 8 Adding Vector Points
Unit 9 Freeway Finished
Unit 10 Masking
Unit 11 Billboard Loop
Unit 12 Gradient Transform Tool
Unit 13 Smoke Example
Unit 14 Final Cigar
Unit 15 Police Lights
Unit 16 Window Example
Unit 17 Trimming Audio
Unit 18 Offsetting Frames
Unit 19 Title Sequence
Unit 20 Tommy Gun
Unit 21 Poster Finished



How to Fake Great Animation iBook Tutorials

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