How do I cancel a subscription?

All subscriptions are self-cancellable directly through Paypal. You never need our permission or even access to the site to cancel. This isn’t a gym membership, come and go as you like and cancel as you see fit. You can even cancel immediately after ordering and you’ll be given the full amount of time you paid for.  But please do not ask for refunds AFTER the rebill has occurred. We don’t ask for any real commitment, but once the billing has occurred the system has you in for another month / year.

Here’s how to cancel your CartoonSmart subscription directly through Paypal….

  1. Log in to your PayPal account..
  2. Click Activity at the top
  3. Unfold All Transactions go to Subscription Agreements
  4. Locate the one for CartoonSmart, and hit the Cancel button.

Having trouble accessing a course?

Uh oh, lets first make sure you’re in the right place. If you’re a Paid subscriber, bookmark this page.

Subscriber Portal!

If you’ve bought Lifetime Access to a course, go to Your Account, then click one tab over to the Lifetime Access section.

Your Account

If that doesn’t help, please email us right away! You can use the Contact box and also email us directly at cartoonsmart@mac.com